• Unlike cotton, hemp grows well without the use of herbicides & pesticides, making it the most environmentally sustainable natural fibre grown on the planet.
  • Cotton accounts for 30,000 litres of water used in the textiles industry. Hemp only needs 20% of the water needed to grow cotton.
  • Hemp is one of only 6 genus of plants that enriches the soil that it is grown on.
  • Hemp fibre is naturally antibacterial, strong, soft and breathable. The nature of the fibre keeps the body cool in warmer temperatures and will insulate warmth produced by the body in cooler temperatures.


Hemp has excellent strength and durability - it's 2-3 times stronger than cotton. It's very breathable, highly resistant to abrasion, relatively lightweight, and wicks away moisture very well. The natural texture of the hemp is typically visible, giving the finished fabric a natural, organic look and feel. Hemp is a coarser fiber and isn't as refined or smooth as silk and cotton, but it resists wrinkles well and softens with wear without degradation of the fiber. It's antimicrobial and odor-resistant, and is more thermally stable than cotton. It biodegrades quickly and cleanly-synthetics take between 300-600 years to breakdown, and release chemicals into the soil as they do.