2015 Moments To Remember

2015 started off with us entering the doors of The Hospital Club at London: Collections Men for the very first time in January, after being emailed personally by members of the British Fashion Council. Showcasing the WABI collection in The Emerging Designer Showrooms was a big deal for us and it's crazy to think that this was nearly a year ago! This time last year buttons were still being sown on to jackets, alongside the preparation of working drawings, line sheets and endless cups of tea (it's not just about the collection but paperwork needs to be done for these things too!) Thank you to those who took the time to talk to us and for those that stopped by especially to say hello during that time. Meeting people and introducing them personally to the brand is always lots of fun and connecting with people is something we really enjoy, so thank you. 

The calm before the storm. The Hospital Club 8.01.15

The calm before the storm. The Hospital Club 8.01.15

In the month of May we had the privilege of meeting and joining US Rapper GoldLink for his headline performance at SOULECTION at KoKo Camden. Goldlink wore our Yellow Felt Face Shirt (our most beloved piece from the Concourse collection) for his performance. The night, as Americans would say was LIT!!! Truly unforgettable and one of our favourite moments from 2015.

Image: Curtis Jehsta

Image: Curtis Jehsta

June saw our dear friend Kojey Radical touring with the Mercury Award Winning band Young Fathers. Kojey opened up for their London show at Koko wearing the Navy Monk Shirt and The Stripweave Navy Cropped Trousers from our WABI collection. Special well done to Kojey for an incredible and captivating performance as always. You can also see pieces from WABI in Kojey's gripping video for BAMBU, which he premiered at The Tate Britain a few months back. (Find the link to BAMBU at the end of this post)


Image by Hypemari


Our second season at L:CM also took place in the month of June, where we presented the SS16 collection entitled 'Interlude (Somewhere between the beginning and the end)'. This was a pivotal time for the brand, as my perspective and the direction of how I wanted to move forward in my work and craft personally and as a brand began to shift and evolve. Things that I thought I wanted, that I thought mattered and things that I thought I needed all began to crumble away as I began to see what was really important to me and what I truly wanted for myself and the brand. 

Thank you to all those who attended the presentation that took place in conjunction with Pause Magazine and for all your kind words and comments towards Interlude.

Images by Johnny Fonseca

Who was watching Glastonbury live or from home in July? If so, who spotted Chelsea Bravo on stage with FKA Twigs?! We were delighted to see two of her band members styled in our pieces from the Concourse collection (thank you Jonathan!) 2016 will see us connecting with more musicians and creatives, let's get Chelsea Bravo on the main stage next year! 

FKA Twigs & Band Glastonbury 2015. Styled by Jonathan Johnson

FKA Twigs & Band Glastonbury 2015. Styled by Jonathan Johnson

In the month of August I ventured out to my place of birth after three years away, New York City. My trip was a short five days but so fulfilling as I connected with some beautiful souls and had such a warm welcome in the city, both from the people and the HEAT. Each person I connected with was meaningful and are individuals that I have stayed in contact with since then. These people include the wonderful Lauren and Zakkiyyah of Black Girl In Om, a wellness publication and space for Women Of Colour to 'Breathe Easy'. Find out more about Black Girl In Om via their Kickstarter Campaign Film (the link will be at the end of this post) and feel free to donate. The pound is stronger than the dollar, £7 equates to $10 (just saying!). 

Through connecting with Lauren and Zakkiyyah I was not only featured on AfroPunk.Com (see my pictures from AfroPunk below) but also had the wonderful opportunity of being interviewed by Lauren Ash (Founder & Creative Director of BGIO) and featured on OrdinaryChin, a blog that celebrates and promotes the 'Visually, Sonically and Spiritually Inclined'. New York has a special place in my heart and I can't wait to begin doing things creatively out there with the brand in the near future. 

If all that wasn't enough, along came November! I like to refer to the last two months of the year as my 'Magical Months' because these two months really pulled out all the stops for me. We started off with our very first interview AND editorial in IDOL Magazine's Surrealist Issue. How breathtaking were the images? Captured by camera-god Phillipp Raheem. I was also interviewed by Idol's features editor Mollie Pyne, who asked me a wealth of great questions that I gave a wealth of great answers to! I love to share my concepts and inspirations with you all, so if you haven't picked up a copy please do and read my interview - I'll love you for it!

Here's a little quote from the interview below.

I treat each garment as an art piece, to express an idea, inspire, excite and create a conversation.
— Idol Magazine The Surrealist Issue

Within the same month we also saw the release of Women In This Town, if you guys follow my blogs or the brand on social media you would have seen me posting quite a bit about this book. I still can't really believe it to this day, that I am in a book so early in my career...? I look at it sitting on my desk each day and smile, an incredible opportunity that came my way this year and something I am so grateful for.

Dreams come true so hold on to them.
— Chelsea Bravo

Women In This Town is a book which captures women's style from all around the world through the lense of Giuseppe Santamaria. Within the book you will also find interviews with inspiring creative women from each city, I'm so glad to be that woman for London. The book can be brought at Waterstones, Foyles Bookstores & Selfridges here in the UK and Barnes & Nobles in US as well as online. Please tag me in a photo if you purchase it or come across it in the New Year!

Chelsea Boys x Design Butler. Image Elyse Kennedy

Chelsea Boys x Design Butler. Image Elyse Kennedy

November also saw a new series go live here on the blog, #ChelseaBoys. Chelsea Boys is a series where we feature a creative boy who we admire and believe fits in with the Chelsea Bravo culture and aesthetic. It's not only a way for the brand to connect with these guys personally but also our way of connecting them with you and also shedding light on their craft. I'm really looking forward to connecting with and featuring more guys throughout 2016, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Also, if you would like to be featured or know of someone who will suit the series please let me know. Below are incredible illustrations of our WABI collection by Design Butler who we collaborated with for the first series.

And lastly, the best was definitely saved till last as we flew out to New York a couple of weeks ago for the second time this year! To film and shoot a campaign with the very platform you're reading this on- Squarespace. I mean, this was THE icing on the cake for the year! My time with the team was incredible and unforgettable, I literally felt as though I got a preview of my future not just in my minds eye but in reality, an experience I am so grateful for.

The campaign should be out early next year and of course i'll be shouting about it here and via my social platforms when it's out, so stay tuned!

I truly hope that those that have been following the journey will continue to do so in 2016. Please note that we are pulling back from LC:M next season whilst we work on developing the behind the scene areas of the brand, so that we can kick off strong in 2017. However, we will be focusing on more creative collaborations, delivering product to our very first stockist (more info to come on that) and connecting and building on our creative relationships here and overseas. So please stick with us and continue to show your support,

Wishing you all a prosperous 2016!

So much love,

CB x




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