Collection No 7

Collection number 7 can you believe that?! Those who have been following from 2013 will remember Dysfunction, which featured Dennis Okwera before he became a professional and highly successful model! Since Dysfunction we've released Concourse (2014), Wabi (2015), Interlude (2015) and Gender Neutrals (2016) our first unisex collection.

We've been tuning into our niche; our own unique way of working and doing things over the last year. Taking a step away from the crowded fashion weeks and focusing on the product and on our e-commerce business. At the same time we've been implementing sustainability into our core values as a brand and easing our way into more of a gender neutral unisex label...because who needs titles? Clothes have no gender.

The new collection is complete (our necks, backs and wrists are rejoicing!) and we're aiming to launch end of March/early April. This collection pays homage to the collection that made our name - Concourse, whilst advocating the beautiful nature of hemp as a material, showing that sustainability in fashion can be well designed, fun, creative, contemporary and desirable! Keep your eyes peeled, heads will turn. 


Chelsea BravoComment