More than a color


Paying homage to 2014’s Concourse collection, More Than A Color explores the space between the designer and her material, akin to an artist and her canvas. The title of the collection is to inspire perception that goes beyond the surface of a thing; a material, a subject, an object. 


Hand application is a focus on each individual garment, seen in pieces such as the 'Oversized Painted Faces Trousers' and the 'Painted Faces Jumpsuit'.

These linear abstract faces feature heavily throughout the collection, translated from cubist artist Henri Lauren’s 1920 painting 'Head Of A Boxer' and hand painted onto a canvas inspired background.


Texture is created through a stripweaved construction seen on the 'Wide Leg Stripweaved Trousers' and the 'Little Stripweaved Crop Top' - a technique that the brand has carried on through each season.

The collection sees the brand work with embroidery for the first time, appearing through the 'Kimono Sleeved Denim Jacket', 'Asa Waistcoat' and 'Asa Miki Cap'. Embroidery has been applied by hand as opposed to machine, an intentional decision that resulted in faint irregularities appearing in between stitches, giving off an authentic feel and a playful character to each piece.


Four womanswear styles make a debut appearance for the first time with the brand. Boxy, playful cuts and shapes are presented through the 'Chelsea Curly Waist Skirt' and the 'Little Painted Faces Crop Top' - offering women easy wearing pieces to twirl around and have fun in the sun with.


Overall, Bravo presents a refreshing take on a contemporary collection, crafted using what the Japanese call ‘Asa’ - Hemp. A fast growing plant that uses 20% of the water needed to grow  cotton, requires no fertilisers or pesticides, and gives back through nourishing the soil that it's grown on.

Bravo advocates for our planet's most sustainable plant and material, with the intention of showing consumers that sustainability in fashion can be well designed, relevant and desirable.