Double Painted Faces Woven T-shirt

Double Painted Faces Woven T-shirt

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The Painted Faces Woven T-shirts are crafted from hemp cotton twill making them a durable yet breathable choice during the summer. The textured twill weave gives this piece great durability and holds a beautiful drape on the body. The piece features delicately painted faces inspired by Henri Lauren’s Head Of A Boxer, a trademark paying homage to our 'Concourse' collection. We opted for hand painting throughout the collection allowing for natural irregularities to occur and giving a direct interaction between the designer and material akin to an artist and their canvas.


*All pieces are currently being made in Organic Cotton Twill as an alternative, whilst we wait on the next production of Hemp Twill to be delivered!


-100% Organic Cotton 

-Hand Painted Front + Back

-Shoulder Zip Opening

-Mayowa wears M-L

-Machine Washable


All our items are Made To Order please allow 2-3 weeks for production and shipping. Have a question? Feel free to drop us an e-mail.