Asa Patchiwāku Shopper

Asa Patchiwāku Shopper

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Asa Patchiwāku Shopper is playfully crafted from the off-cuts of each piece that we make in our studio. It is our way of eliminating the amount of waste we throw away each season as a result of the toiling and sampling process and what is left over once we've cut each order for you. The off-cuts are saved and creatively used to make these shoppers through a patchiwāku construction - 'patchiwāku' meaning patchwork in Japanese. Each shopper features an hand-embroidered face on the front and back inspired by artist Henri Lauren's Head Of A Boxer. 


Dimensions: Body 18" x 15" 


-Patchwork construction

-Fully lined

-Hand Embroidered

-Machine Washable


All our items are Made To Order please allow 2-3 weeks for production and shipping. Have a question? Feel free to drop us an e-mail.