Astrology For The New Earth

Astrology For The New Earth is one-to-one sessions and workshops for individuals who are ready to leave behind old paradigm mindsets that keep us remaining in patterns that are outdated and are no longer serving us as individuals and as a collective. As we move forward into creating a new reality centered in love, mindfulness, awareness, and living from a place of higher consciousness, Astrology is a tool that we can use to navigate our purpose and gain deeper insight and understanding of ourselves at a soul level.

By navigating our stars through looking at the planets present in our birth chart, we can identify who we are at our core, our soul’s mission, challenges that we’ve come here to overcome, the overall energy that we carry as individuals and the purpose behind it. 

Astrology has served me in a marvelous way, helping me to understand my psyche, emotions, what motivates me in this life and why, and has provided me with tools to help navigate these energies that are imbued within me so that I can reach my full potential. Through using Astrology as a tool for healing, I am continually learning how to access the best of myself and experience the best of my time here on Earth.

I invite you to delve deeper into the Astrological waters with me, as we float along the waves locating and identifying the planets of your own birth chart together and their meaning. Together we will help you unfold and gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose here on Earth at this time. 

Photo by AnAkA

Photo by AnAkA

Photo by AnAkA

Photo by AnAkA

About Chelsea

I have been fascinated with Astrology from the age of eight years old. My Dad had an Astrology book in the house that I found one day as a young girl, I remember reading that book for hours captivated by what I was uncovering and learning about the different signs and how it related to myself and the people around me. I began studying Astrology at a deeper level in 2016, after going through some profound shifting and changing within me that was oftentimes unsettling and uncomfortable, to help alleviate this I really wanted to know understand what was happening.  Astrology helped me greatly, providing me with a greater perspective of my discomfort at the time and in understanding what I was going through and how to navigate my experience. I have been fascinated and pretty obsessed with it ever since. Friends and work colleagues often call upon me to give them insight on current Astrological transits and events, in helping them to understand their own birth charts, and the signs and birth charts of love interests and lovers, which is always fun! 

It has been a desire in my heart to begin to work with individuals one-on-one using Astrology as a tool to help them gain a better understanding of themselves and their lives, and to aid in bringing about self-realisation and healing, this is what Astrology has been for me over these years and I’d like to now share this experience with others.

 I look forward to navigating the Stars together.

To book a reading please fill out the form below. It’s important to leave your date of birth and time of birth (if you know it) I will need this information to pull up your chart. In the message box please state your place of birth and what area of your life you want to focus on in your reading and gain more insight into.

Thank you!

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